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The logistics industry has experienced significant changes due to the pandemic, eCommerce competitors, and supply chain disruptions. Consequently, logistics services must be faster, more efficient, and transparent, with real-time tracking capabilities. In response, logistics companies are adapting to this shifting landscape, incorporating new ML-led technologies such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics.

To meet evolving demands, logistics companies must anticipate and prepare for the unexpected with robust systems and processes. With Macrometa's real-time, hyper-distributed cloud, logistics companies can improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, ensure data protection, and quickly adopt new technologies to remain competitive.



Real-time Data Integration

To ensure shipments arrive on time and in the right condition, logistics companies need full visibility and control over their operations. Real-time data integration facilitates this objective by seamlessly combining diverse data types from multiple sources and systems at every stage of the logistics process. This enables real-time monitoring of package weight, ETA, weather conditions, and maintenance issues, making the logistics process more efficient.


Control Tower Unified View

Macrometa provides a "control tower" view with comprehensive dashboards, reports, and alerts based on real-time analytics and algorithms. The dashboards show key data from multiple sources like IoT sensors, travel management systems, customer relationship management systems, or route optimization tools. This helps logistics companies identify and prevent potential bottlenecks, delays, and disruptions, ensuring a seamless customer and partner experience while improving collaboration and communication across the network.


Data Protection & Compliance

Fraud prevention and data privacy are critical concerns for logistic companies as they have a lot of personal data in multiple systems. Macrometa helps you comply with regional regulations such as GDPR and CCPA with data pinning, vaulting, encryption, access controls, and data anonymization features for reporting across regions. Real-time fraud detection alerts you to any planned route deviation or any other anomalies to thwart fraud or theft.


Easy Technology Adoption

The Macrometa GDN offers a powerful solution for processing data-intensive AI/ML transactions or managing large-scale autonomous vehicle or drone networks. With its low-latency, high-throughput processing capabilities, the GDN enables real-time operations, analytics, and event processing, making it an ideal choice for applications that require fast, scalable, and cost-efficient data processing.

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Simplify Logistics By Making Shipments Happen In Real Time

Simplify Logistics By Making Shipments Happen In Real Time


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