Announcing PhotonIQ: The New AI CDN For Accelerating Apps, APIs, Websites and Services

Lead your enterprise beyond the impossible

Deliver unbelievably fast web services and experiences at scale, with intelligent acceleration for the enterprise.

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A Trusted Partner at Scale


When companies like Salesforce, StubHub, and Ford need to unlock major performance gains in record time, they come to us.

Unlock performance that grows revenue – fast

PhotonIQ is an AI CDN that helps companies drive growth, improve reliability, and deliver amazing experiences in weeks – not quarters or years.

Built for speed, security, and enterprise scale. Delivered in 4 weeks or less.

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Dynamically optimize and accelerate websites and APIs

Dynamically optimize and accelerate websites and APIs

Improve Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores without touching legacy systems.

Never worry about scale or locality again

Global Data Network (GDN) is a hyper distributed cloud that helps companies deliver high-performance solutions and real-time experiences at scale, reduce cloud spend, and unlock value from legacy systems.

The GDN makes the dream of incredibly fast, massively concurrent, and infinitely scalable services a reality.

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Industry Use Cases

"Macrometa gives super powers to cloud app builders. 100 lines of Macrometa code does the job of a thousand lines of Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB and more, at 50x better latency and performance."

CTO F500 Enterprise Customer

CTO F500 Enterprise Customer

"Macrometa makes navigating our website feel instantaneous from anywhere in the world, even when there are highly complex queries being run in order to serve and process the financial data in real-time."

Kris Gunnars

Kris Gunnars

‍Founder & CEO @ Stock Analysis

"Macrometa has some hardcore computer science behind it."

James Governor

James Governor

Co-founder @ Redmonk

Macrometa has SOC 2 Type 2 certification for the Trust Criteria of Security and Availability. The SOC 2 report is available under NDA for Macrometa customers by request at


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  • Maximize the value of your existing application investments
  • Designed for complex and distributed use cases
  • Achieve up to 100x faster performance than AWS or GCP
  • Seamlessly scale to serve billions of users in real-time


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