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Next Generation OTT Video Streaming: Serve Ads to Millions of Viewers in Real-time

Learn how you can deliver the most relevant ads at the right time.

As Over the Top (OTT) video services continue to grow in popularity, so does the pressure to increase ad revenue. Macrometa's OTT Video Streaming solution can help you optimize online advertising delivery and provide dynamic, personalized experiences.

In this white paper, you’ll discover how how Macrometa’s real-time solutions help you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Hyper-targeted ad cohorts and dynamic ad matching to help you segment viewers into groups with shared characteristics, reach interested prospects, and generate more ad revenue.
  • Personalized entitlements to ensure that viewers receive a seamless and customized experience when using OTT video streaming services.
  • Hyper-scale serving to enable services to deliver content and ads to viewers from the closest available server, reducing latency and improving the overall viewing experience.
  • Data enrichment that incorporates new signals, features, and metadata about customers, enabling streaming services to enrich a cohort's data.
Download the white paper to learn how real-time data optimizes ad cohort mapping, personalized entitlements, and hyper-scale serving.
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